Edició 2020 Cancel·lada

La BlauGrana International Cup - BIC Futsal, que s'havia de celebrar a Andorra el pròxim mes de juny, ha quedat cancel·lada definitivament.

La Junta Directiva de la Ciberpenya Blaugrana, organitzadora de l'esdeveniment i les empreses implicades lamentem haver d'adoptar aquesta mesura per causa de força major.

La decisió es pren amb motiu de les mesures excepcionals que s'estan adoptant per la declaració de l'estat d'alarma decretat pels diferents governs davant la crisi sanitària provocada per la COVID-19.

History of the Blaugrana International Cup - BIC Futsal

Tournament trajectory

Soccer Tournament poster 2013
Soccer Tournament poster 2013

1st trophy year 2013
1st trophy year 2013

The tournament was born on September 28, 2013, as one of the acts celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Ciberpenya Blaugrana, and he did it as a home-based competition that featured the participation of 5 Andorran teams of Under 14 category, who played the title in a liguilla of all against everyone.

Mr. Eduard Colobrans, president of the Ciberpenya Blaugrana, convinced the board of directors that there was no base and international football tournament in Andorra, which was an ideal place for such celebrations and that it was necessary to return to organize it

In order to internationalize it, it was first thought about the nearest neighbors and the Catalan teams, so if they wanted to count on their presence, it was necessary to set a date that coincided with the rest period of the Liga Catalana, and that it was also in the andorran

Finally, it was decided that the carnival weekend would be held, and that it would offer, to the teams that came from outside, the possibility of staying at the Comella hostel, located very close to the Serradells Sports Center.

Thus, on February 21, 2015, the second edition was held, which served to internationalize it and give it better prizes. In this edition, the participation of 2 Catalan teams and 6 from Andorran were counted and played in liguilla, semifinals and final format, also playing the stage of consolation so that all participants will play the same number of matches.

In this edition, before disputing the semifinals and the final of the tournament, an animation by the Sumba and Rhythmic Clubs Serradells was included, thus creating a collaboration link with other associations and sports clubs in our country.

Given the good acceptance he had had, the third edition of the BIC FUTSAL - Blaugrana International Cup was extended to two days, 6 and 7 February at the Serradells Sports Center in Andorra la Vella, and was a great leap when players gathered in Ages between 8 and 14 years in the categories of Under 14, Under 12 and also Female U14.

A total of 20 teams, who played the tournament with liguilla, semifinals and final, also playing the consolation phase so that all players will play the same number of matches.

The fourth edition was to consolidate it and was held on February 25 and 26, 2017, again at the Sports Center of the Serradells in Andorra la Vella, maintaining the same format as the previous edition, but with changes and improvements in the calendar, and was counted for the first time with an English team.

With the closing of Comella hostel, where the foreign teams lived, although Carnival supposed an important incentive, the hotel capacity was very reduced and its high cost.

For this reason, it has been decided to transfer the tournament to the first weekend of May and has been given a new impetus to make it grow up to 32 teams and 2 locations, offering the teams the complete management of accommodation and transportation.

As of 2019, the tournament returns to its origins and moves to the end of September, to turn it into a preseason tournament for the teams, and to cover the gap left by the league until its start in October.

At the same time, the first edition of the BIC Futsal Penyes of FC Barcelona is created, which this year will be held in June, and in which we hope to have 16 official Penyes of our Club.


Winners BIC Futsal Base

Best Players BIC Futsal Base

Winning teams from previous editions

Best players from the previous editions


That most clubs want to repeat their experience year after year, is undoubtedly one of the aspects that makes us feel more proud of our work, and encourages us to make the BIC Futsal better and bigger.

We present the foreign and national clubs that have participated in the tournament over the years.

Congratulations to all of them and many thanks for your support.


Club Country 2013 2015 2016 2017 2018 TOTAL
FS La Massana AND X X X X X 5
FC Encamp AND   X X X X 4
Gimnàstic de Tarragona CAT   X X X X 4
UE Engordany AND X X   X X 4
FC Santa Coloma AND X X X X   4
CE Sant Julià AND     X X X 3
CEC La Seu CAT     X X X 3
Combinat lliga andorrana AND       X X 2
EFS Comtat d'Urgell CAT       X X 2
Oxford City Futsal ENG       X X 2
CE Carroi AND   X X     2
FSF Bon Salvador CAT     X X   2
Selecció d'Andorra Femení AND     X X   2
Oxford Lions ENG         X 1
Club Atlètic Català CAT         X 1
Racing Pineda FS CAT         X 1
ENFAF Femení AND         X 1
CF Puigcerdà CAT       X   1
AEFS Masnou Interdinàmic CAT     X     1
CE Sanlòria AND     X     1
FS Sant Cugat CAT     X     1
FS Solsona CAT   X       1
UE Santa Coloma AND   X       1
FC Lusitanos AND X         1
FC Ordino AND X         1


Animació BIC Futsal 2015

Organization members 2018


Moltes gràcies

The Ciberpenya Blaugrana, as organizer of the BIC Futsal - Blaugrana International Cup, wants to thank again through this page, the support received from all institutions, associations and companies, as well as the support and collaboration of all the people we they have supported over the years in the creation and consolidation of the tournament:

Entities, Associations and Companies

Andorobots, Andorra 2000, Andorra Turisme, Aravell Golf, Assegur, Cent Mobel, Atiram Hotels, Club de Billar Joseph, Club de Rítmica Serradells, Club Sumba Serradells, Comitè d’àrbitres d’Andorra, Comú d’Andorra la Vella, Creu Roja d’Andorra, Cristalleries Valira, Digui, El Rebost del Padrí, Federació Andorrana de Futbol, Financera d’Assegurances, Fotobit, Granja Cal Francès, Grup Montmantell, Hotels Andorra Plaza, Joma Andorra, La ma de la Mar, McDonald’s Andorra, Rest. Casa Teresa, Societat Andorrana de Patents i Marques, Super Visió, Viladomat, Web Gestió

Organization, Volunteers and collaborators

Dolors Moles, Eduard Colobrans, Eduard Colobrans (jr), Eugenia Sanjuan, Jaume Navarro, Joan Miró, Joaquim Diago, Jose Villaverde, Josep Palau, Laura Torrens, Lluís Bogas, Martí Martínez, Martí Mourelo, Meritxell Marot, Miquel Sánchez , Miquel Sureda, Oriol Morera, Tere Alcolea

Family Baró-Moles, family Colobrans-Sanjuan, family Jui-Alcolea, family Guerrero-Marot, family Martínez-Gamiz, family Navarro-Torrens

With the support of